Thursday, 7 March 2013

Best Ninja Blender Recipes

ninja blender recipes
The ninja blender series is one of the worlds best made blender that no kitchen should be without. You can make some seriously tasty yet healthy smoothies with your ninja blender, all you need is some decent recipes which i will give to you in a couple of paragraphs. If you visit my main site you can see all the recipe for healthy smoothies, but if you stick around i will give you a taster.

How do you know what a good blender is?

To test if a blender is decent, put some ice in the blender and see how easily the ice gets crushed. If the blender does it in a matter of seconds then ninja blender recipes you have yourself a decent blender.

All the Ninja blenders i have tested have done this within a couple of seconds, so i recommend a ninja blender.

I couldn't recommend a better blender than the ninja lender to make some top quality smoothies, but anyways here are some top recipes i have created and what you can create too.

Iced Mocha Shake

This recipe will make one serving for one person. You will need:

Three thirds of a cup of milk
One teaspoon of extract of vanilla
Three tablespoons of sugar preferably granulated
Three tablespoons of instant mocha mix
One full cup of crushed up ice

Add all the contents to the blender and blend until the Mocha shake is smooth, this should only take just a few minutes.